Giving a Deposition via Video Conference September 28, 2017

One of the things that you will learn as you spend more time as a corporate or civil lawyer is that you are going to deal with a ton of depositions. While depositions are not so common when we are talking about criminal charges, they are common when we are handling a civil case. The reason why is because the civil cases that are handled in the United States are often between two businesses, or between an individual and a business. This means there are a lot of interviews to get through, so that the lawyers from both sides can get the facts from the interested parties in the case.

If you are needing to interview someone, but you are not able to get them in the city in the right time frame, then you may have to rely on Video Depositions. These are not easy to set up, and many smaller law firms are not equipped to have a video deposition set up in their offices. Sure, you can go about trying to buy or rent the right equipment, but we think that would take away too much of your time. It is time that you could spend defending your client in this lawsuit, instead of dealing with electronics.

It makes a lot more sense to contract this service out to a company that helps legal entities in the area. this company is happy to offer the location and the equipment so that you can have your video conference for a deposition. The only thing that you will need to do is coordinate a time that will work for all parties. And when the video link is set up, and everyone can hear each other, you are dealing with a situation that is identical to an in-person deposition of an individual.

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